Ren yu Zhang, MD


Patients Reviews

Dr. Zhang is a talented doctor. He is extremely professional and listens well. Notable is his ability to explain with precision the pros and cons of various treatments. Everyone in his office is stellar. Overall a wonderful experience.

J S.
Dr Zhang provided an outstanding explanation of the procedure as well as valuable insights into the medications that were prescribed, prognosis for recovery and simply a great bedside manner.

Susan K.
Dr zhang is one in a million ! He is a caring and compassionate doctor. He helped me through a very rough time and I feel fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about him! He is in constant contact with you throughout your recovery and actually gets back to you so quickly I was amazed. Thank you for everything!

Debra G.
Friendly, personable. You don’t feel like you’re at a typical doctor appointment. Dr. Zhang makes you feel like every second of your time is valuable. He listens and gives feedback above and beyond.

Christel T.
Dr. Zhang greets you with a smile and handshake and treats you as though he truly cares. He explains in everyday language the steps of the surgery. I was so nervous but I walked out of his office at ease. He was honest and told me there would be pain for at least a week. I can tell you it was not as bad as expected and I feel it is because he is a caring surgeon who I trust. He even gave me his cell if I had any questions, who does that ? I used it the third day and he replied quickly. Usually a doctors office is a cattle call and with this office you will be respected and treated with honesty. I hope to never have to return but my experience with him and his staff is 10+. Thank you Dr. Zhang.

Karen S.
Always, very professional, very courteous and extremely caring.

Sally E.
Dr. Zhang is very good at what he does.

Timothy D.
Just a good doctor he knows what he is doing.

Thomas M.